Not sure how much of a pool chemical you need to add? Then see this guide below, the dose rate will always be on the chemical container as well.

Treatment Per 10,000 Gallons Per 100 Cubic Meters Ideal Value/Range


Always maintain correct free chlorine residual in the water. Dose in accordance with test kit readings

Granules: To add 1ppm chlorine

Tablets: Weekly requirement (private pools only)

Liquid: To add 1ppm chlorine

85 gm (granules)

1 (Tablet)

400 ml (liquid)

180 gm (granules)

2 (Tablets)

850 ml (liquid)

Indoor Pools – 1-2 ppm.
Outdoor Pools – 3-5 ppm.


Always maintain correct total bromine residual in the water.

Adjust brominator in accordance with test kit readings

Indoor Pools – 3-5 ppm.
Outdoor Pools – 4-6 ppm.

pH Correction:

To increase pH: add Dry Alkali until correct pH established

To decrease pH: Add Dry Acid daily until correct pH established

1 lb 1 kg 7.2 – 7.6

Total Alkalinity correction:

To Increase: Alkalinity Increaser to add 15 ppm

3 lb 3 kg 100-150 ppm
To Decrease: Dry Acid to reduce by 15 ppm 2 lb 2 kg 100-150 ppm

Total Dissolved Solids:

To decrease: Replace part of pool water with fresh

Less than 1500 ppm

Calcium Hardness:

To increase: Calcium Chloride to raise 15 ppm.

To decrease: Replace part of pool water with fresh

2 lb 2 kg 100-500 ppm

Chlorine Stabilisation:

To stabilize: Cyanuric Acid to add 30 ppm

To reduce: Replace part of pool water with fresh

3 lb 3 kg 20-100 ppm


Before emptying the pool or as necessary to lower chlorine residual

To De-chlorinate: Neutraliser to reduce by 2 ppm

1 lb 1 kg

To polish water:

After every backwash, or as necessary to improve water quality. Add Liquid Clarifier

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