We have provided a number of helpful swimming pool and spa guides to help you look after your swimming pool or spa whether you are not sure what to do if your water turns green or not sure how to backwash your pool these guides will give the information you need. If you are still stuck you can always call us on 01425 477050 and we be able to help you or have one of our swimming pool engineers service your pool for you.


Water Trouble Shooting Guide

Has your pool water gone cloudy? Are your pool walls slimy? Use this overview guide to find out the cause and solution!


Recommended Dose Rates

Find out how much of a chemical you need to add to your pool and what level you need to reach


Spa Maintenance

How to keep your spa well maintained.


Weekly Pool Maintenance

What you need to carry out on your pool on a weekly basis


Pool Winterising Guide

The correct procedure for closing your pool down for the winter


Pool Commissioning Guide

How to open your pool up for the spring/summer

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