Safety Pool Covers

Safety Pool Covers

A Pool Safety Cover can give your pool all year round protection and it prevents children and pets from falling into the water as a safety cover can support the weight of several adults. The cover will also prevent debris from damaging your pool and also help keep your pool water heated and could extend your swimming season.

We have installed dozens of automatic pool safety covers throughout the South West and are one of the leading installers please view our portfolio of our most recent customer projects.

A pool safety cover can be installed on any type of inground swimming pool and it is fully automatic and opens/closes with a touch of a button. The cover comes in various colours to suit your surrounding and pool including dark blue, light blue, green and grey. The mechanism can be top mounted and stored neatly inside our custom cover boxes or recessed when the cover is stored in a dry niche behind the pool and the track is under the coping stones.


Ambassador Pools
Safety Cover Portfolio

Manual Safety Covers

Manual safety covers come with an aluminium track that locks the fabric on each side, sealing your pool to give you peace of mind and keep your family and pets safe. With a sealed pool, virtually no debris will enter, which will reduce your cleaning costs and could reduce your chemical requirements by half.

The impermeable fabric is made in Britain and is available in dark green, dark blue and great. The covers retain heat and add heat to your pool water, while the 3-in-1 gearbox allows for effortless operation.

Top Mount or Flush
Safety Covers

The AquaGuard top-mounted and flush safety covers meet the French NF P 90-308 standard, ensuring your pool’s highest level of safety. This option is perfect for retrofitting and comes with a standard white box. If you’d like to swap this for a box to match your pool’s aesthetics, we can provide a quote for this customisation as an additional extra.

  • Aluminium tracks lead the fabric. Because the fabric is not stretched, the water can support the weight of several persons.
  • The fabric is aesthetically hidden at the border of the swimming pool and rolled up on the mechanism’s shaft. The AquaGuard with hydraulic drive can open a cover of 10 metres within 30 seconds.
  • The AquaGuard cover keeps your swimming pool clean. Dirt or leaves cannot fall into the pool and can easily be removed. Any small amount of rainwater on the cover is evacuated through a zipper in the fabric. The rainwater pump automatically pumps away the excess water.

Pit Mounted Safety Covers

Types of Safety Covers

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Are you interested in a safety pool cover and want to discuss more? Why not call us to book a consultation with one of our sales team or director Verdun Bailey?

Our West Stour Dorset Branch will have a consultation room available for clients to view different safety cover colours,  liner colours, coping stones, fittings, and other products. You are welcome to visit our showroom for further discussion. Alternatively, you can click on the button below to schedule a home site visit.

We’re excited to discuss creating your very own Ambassador Pool.

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