Your swimming pool filter is very important to keep your water clear and health, the filter works by trapping the dirt and debris particles and returning the cleaned water back to your pool pump. Over time the effectiveness of this waste collection will decrease even with regular back washing. If you are finding you have bad water clarity? Or having to use alot of chlorine to keep your pool clear you may need to change the filter sand/glass media.

We recommend the pool filter sand/glass media is changed every 4 years, our pool filter service involves:

  • The emptying of the filter media
  • We clean out the inside of the tank
  • Inspect the laterals, multiport value and o rings to ensure they are in good working order
  • Then refill the filter and connect the filter back to the filtration system.

We can service any swimming pool filter including Tagelus, Lacron, Waterco and Astral filters.


To book your pool filter sand/glass media change please give us a call on 01425 477050

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