Pool Liner Replacement

Is your swimming pool liner looking old and tired? Does your swimming pool liner have any holes/rips? We can replace your swimming pool liner to make your pool look brand new again we have a team of SPATA trained engineers who can replace your liner in a matter of hours.

We can line any shape of pool from the traditional rectangle shape to custom shapes and can either fit a traditional bagged liner which is already created in the factory for your sized pool or a more advanced ‘commercial rated’ Alkorplan site liner which is constructed on site and can last up to 30 years due to its thickness and durability. The Alkorplan site liner is ideally for complex shaped pools as it has a flexible membrane and allows for small amounts of movements in the walls and floor. The traditional bagged liner is considerable less expensive but is thinner and won’t last as long as the super liner. The 40 guage super line has a life expectancy of 20 years even with the pool temperature being 30 degrees.

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Domestic Liner Prices

Our domestic Liners are pre-welded into shape at the factory and are much thicker and stronger than a traditional bag liner. Here are the prices for the two different thickness of liner – 30 and 40 gauge.

The 30 Gauge liner has a life expectancy of 10-16 years. Max Temperature 28 degrees

30 Gauge Plain Plain with Tileband Pattern
43m 10′ x 20′ £752.00 £910.00 £998.00
57m 12′ x 24′ £860.00 £1,030.00 £1,295.00
73m 14′ x 28′ £1,242.00 £1,302.00 £1,540.00
78m 14’ x 30’ £1,297.00 £1,471.00 £1,646.00
82m 15′ x 30′ £1,438.00 £1,569.00 £1,847.00
92m 16′ x 32′ £1,585.00 £1,742.00 £1,985.00
112m 18′ x 38′ £2,020.00 £2,092.00 £2,590.00
134m 20′ x 40′ £2,332.00 £2,605.00 £2,840.00


The 40 Gauge Super liner has a life expectancy of 20 years. Max Temperature 30 degrees

40 Gauge Super Liner Mosaic Byzance
43m 10′ x 20′ £1,410.00
57m 12′ x 24′ £1,731.00
73m 14′ x 28′ £2,287.00
78m 14’ x 30’ £2,518.00
82m 15′ x 30′ £2,677.00
92m 16′ x 32′ £2,822.00
112m 18′ x 36′ £3,440.00
134m 20′ x 40′ £4,198.00


Liner Installation Guide Prices

Here are some liner installation guide price for various size/shaped pools. All prices are based on the floor screed, walls, linerlock, fittings and gaskets being in good condition and there is no or little ground water. All prices are based on the max depth of 6’6″. For larger pools please contact us on 01425 477050 for a quotation.

Sized Pool Rectangle Shape Rectangle + Steps Kidney or Shaped Pool
up to 28′ x 14′ £800.00 £850.00 £1,200.00
up to 32′ x 16′ £1,000.00 £1,100.00 £1,400.00
up to 40′ x 20′ £1,275.00 £1,425.00 £1,790.00

All prices are subject to survey and VAT at 20% and if the project is further than 30 miles from any of our branches please call us for a custom quotation.


Commercial Liners (Alkorplan)

Our commercial pool liners (Alkorplan) can be added to any type of existing pool – concrete, block, cement render or fibreglass. The Alkorplan liner is made up of a 1.5mm reinforced polyester mesh which makes it incredible strong and can with stand impacts and handle exposure to adverse weather conditions.
Once fitted an Alkorplan liner can make the pool look brand new and has a life expectancy of 20 years or more. The liner is welded on site and can be tailored to fit any shape pool and can also be used on pool steps with a nonslip trend.
For more information and pricing please contact us for a quote on 01425 477050.