To identify if your pool is leaking do this simple test –

  1. Fill your pool to the top of the skimmer and mark on the face plate where the water level comes up to.
  2. Then run the filter pump for 24 hours and mark the loss.
  3. Leave the filter pump off for 24 hours and mark the loss; this will give you the amount loss. (Remember not to backwash and monitor any rainfall as this will alter the water level.)
  4. If the water loss is the same on both tests it is likely to be the pool shell, fittings, liner or hydrostatic sump value.
  5. If the loss is greater with the filter pump running, it is most likely to be the backwash waste line, a leak in the plant room or heating equipment or in the flow and return pipelines. Do a visual inspection and see if you can see any leaking water in the plant room.

We have over 40 years experience in detecting and rectifying leaking pools so call us on 01425 477050.

We can perform a number of tests on your pool to pin point the leak using a pressure test of the pipework which is from £100 + vat depending on the number of fittings. There is an additional charge of the pool needs to be drained and sumps tested.

We can also perform an ultra sonic test to find leaks in liner pools and one piece pools. Please call us for a quote, but remember liner pools degrade over time and a 10 gauge liner would have a life expectancy of 5- 10 years.

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