Backwash Filter

Follow these steps to back wash your filter which remove all the dirt/oils your filter has collected from your pool.

  1. Switch off the pool pump.
  2. Depress lever on multiport and turn to “Backwash” position.
  3. Open backwash waste valve (if fitted).
  4. Switch the pump back on.
  5. Run for approximately for 3 minutes. The dirty water will be passing through the sight glass on the multiport, which will gradually clear when the filter is clean.
  6. Switch the pump off again.
  7. Move lever to “Rinse” position.
  8. Switch the pump on.
  9. Run for approx 30 seconds.
  10. Switch off pump back off
  11. Return to “Filter” position on the multiport valve.
  12. Switch on pump to recommence filtration.
  13. Close the backwash line (if fitted).


Empty skimmer baskets and pump strainer basket of any leaves/debris.


Test and Treat water


Brush/Vacuum pool to remove debris

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