This guide will show you how to open your pool up for the spring/summer

  1. Make sure the pool is full of water, it is difficult to prime the pump if the pool is only three quarters full or less.
  2. Remove any debris from the pool with leaf net.
  3. Replace all drain plugs in heater, filter, pump etc. Reconnect any Pipework.
  4. Remove any plugs, etc from pool shell fittings.
  5. Select “backwash” position on multiport, prime up pump and start filter pump. Run for approximately three minutes to remove any debris and commence filtration.
  6. Following the winter there will usually be an accumulation of dust or debris on the pool bottom that requires vacuuming to waste. Select “waste” position on the multiport and prepare the pool vacuum. The pool vacuuming can now be carried out and the dust and debris discharged to waste.
  7. Check pH of the water and adjust as necessary.
  8. Commence and follow manufacturers instructions in regard to disinfection routine. This will usually involve shock dosing the pool with the disinfectant before using a maintenance dose and the addition of an algaecide.
  9. If required switch on pool heating.
  10. Cover pool with solar cover if applicable.
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