The brand new happy spa is the ultimate luxury spa and combines the latest message technology with a stunning design. The happy spa has 50 active hydrotherapy jets which makes this spa give a very vigorous massage and includes top of the range features such as ipod/mp3 music player with built in speakers, interior LED lightning, multiple zoned air controls and a cascading water fountain.


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  • Length: 213cm
  • Width: 213cm
  • Height: 91cm

Standard Features

  • Multi-Layered Shell Construction
  • Maintenence-Free Exterior Cabinet
  • StarBrite Interior Perimeter LED Lighting
  • 5 Seats, Including 1 Loungers
  • 42 All-Active Hydrotherapy Jets
  • 8 Air Jets
  • 3 Multiple Zoned Air Controls
  • Ozone Oxidation System for Cleaner Water
  • Cascading Water Fountain
  • Gravity Floor Drain
  • 3 Luxury Light-Up Headrests
  • Programmable Filtration System
  • 2 High-Flow 3HP Pumps
  • Balboa Heating System
  • In-Built Aromatherapy Dispenser
  • 32 LED Lights
  • Audio system with mp3 docking station including a subwoofer and build in speakers


  • Pumps: 2 x 3 HP, 1 x Circulation Pump, 1 x Airblower
  • Filtration: One Single Filtration Cartridge
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