The relax spa is perfect for the family as it has two main loungers were a couple can lay across from each other and 3 relaxing bucket seats to accommodate guests or children. The spa has top of range features which included internal StarBrite LED lights, 4 external corner lights, a cascading waterfall and an aromatherapy feature where you can relax in a nice aroma.


The relax spa can also provide a invigorating message with its 24 hydrotherapy jets and 8 air jets which produces lots of soothing bubbles. The relax spa comes with a 10 year warranty on the internal shell and a 2 year warranty on the internal parts.


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  • Length: 200cm
  • Width: 200cm
  • Height: 85cm

Standard Features

  • Multi-Layered Shell Construction
  • Maintenence-Free Exterior Cabinet
  • 2 atmospheric LED Lights in cabinet corner panels
  • StarBrite Interior Perimeter LED Lighting
  • 5 Seats, Including 2 Loungers
  • 24 All-Active Hydrotherapy Jets
  • 8 Air Jets
  • 3 Multiple Zoned Air Controls
  • Ozone Oxidation System for Cleaner Water
  • Cascading Water Fountain
  • Gravity Floor Drain
  • 3 Luxury Light-Up Headrests
  • Programmable Filtration System
  • High-Flow 3HP Pump
  • Balboa Heating System
  • In-Built Aromatherapy Dispenser
  • 14 LED Lights

Technical Information

  • Pumps: 1 x 3 HP, 1 x Circulation Pump, 1 x Airblower
  • Filtration: One Single Filtration Cartridge
  • Control System: Balboa
  • Heating: 3KW Heating System
  • Water Capacity: 1300 Litres
  • Dry Weight: 275 Kgs
  • Filled Weight: 1575 Kgs
  • Insulation: Poly Urethane, Heat Lock
  • Electrical Requirements: 240 v / 16 A
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