Ambassador Pools are proud to announce their partnership with Spa Giants ‘Wellis’. We now stock a large range of spas across our 3 showrooms in Ringwood, West Stour and Southampton – all of which are well worth a visit if you want some great advice, and a first hand look at this beautiful range of Spas.

You can find a large range of styles, sizes and colours at any of the branches found on the “contact us” page.

On top of that,  we can perform a full annual service, a quarterly drain down, clean and refill service and also a winter close down service. We have professional SPATA trained engineers who will carry out a thoroughly service which includes –

  • Adding a shock/chemical treatment to your spa to clean out your pipe work of dirt and fats.
  • The spa filters are cleaned/replaced to ensure they are working efficiently.
  • All spa jets are inspected and cleaned to ensure the spa is operates at the optimum level.
  • The internal parts which include all pumps and blowers are electronically tested to ensure they are performing correctly and there is no wear and tear.
  • All the pipe work is inspected for leaks and blockages and if any are found these are resolved. All unions are tightened and seals are checked and replaced if required.
  • The spa heater is checked for scale and the circulation pump is cleaned out.
  • Once all the components have been checked out/cleaned/replaced the filters are refitted and the spa is refilled and the water is balanced
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